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As a rule, rental agreements are concluded for at least one year, and renewal is possible at any time. Cost of water, electricity, heating and other utilities are usually not included in the rent.

The supply of rental properties in Cyprus is very good, thanks to numerous construction activities over the past two years, and includes apartments as well as houses and large villas. The rent depends mainly on location (city, country) and equipment of the rental property.

Our tip:
One month's rent as a bail is quite common in Cyprus. Owners who demand two or even three months' rent as a deposit should therefore rather avoid. The rent is paid at the beginning of the month. To rent an apartment, the signing of a lease is usually sufficient. We are happy to assist you in the search for a leased rental property. We also gladly take over the examination of the lease contract before conclusion for you.

Average rental rates
(in Euro) Larnaca and surroundings (03.2019)

Furnished flats:
2-room Wohnungca. 430,00 € Net rent
per month

Unfurnished apartments:
3-room Wohnungca. 600,00 € Net rent
per month

Office space (50 sqm) approx. 380.00 € Net rent
per month

Property charges
(Water and Electricity - as of 01.2019)

Water consumption per m3 approx. 0.90 €

Electricity consumption per kWh from 0,16 €

Property purchase in Cyprus
We recommend that you do not purchase a property in Cyprus immediately after your relocation. The market is very confusing for "newcomers" in the first months and real estate agents are not necessarily the most reliable source of information in terms of price, location and condition of an object. The same applies if you want to buy a property directly from a developer.

First, wait a few months and familiarize yourself with the preferred locations and local purchase prices.

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