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 What is important in terms of health insurance in Cyprus?


Regardless of whether you are currently insured through the state or private, is true that you lose with task of residence insurance coverage können.Auf definitely (no specific intention of returning in the next few months / years) does not apply to a real emigration compulsory insurance in Germany ,


The legal framework is unclear, however controlled in such a case, which is why there is often considerable difficulty when changing the insurance. A careful and timely preparation ensures complete protection and low cost.



Please note: Your emigration usually creates a special right of termination and possibly a performance of the insurer. not automatically but does not contain your obligation to pay contributions. This means you may be obliged to pay contributions, without receiving insurance coverage.


First, it depends on whether you are insured privately or publicly in Germany. It may also be relevant, whether they have health insurance by law or voluntary. What to do, is explained in the following three major events. In individual cases, the required procedure may differ from that described here.


What should I watch for public health insurance when I emigrated to Cyprus?


With the emigration does not apply to the statutory compulsory insurance in Germany. However, this does not necessarily lead to automatic termination of statutory health insurance in Germany. If you are voluntarily insured by law, membership needs, and thus the obligation to contribute, be on time terminated in writing. The notice period is usually two months end of the month.


For example, if you to 1.4. want to leave Germany, usually your cancellation must be received at 31.01. health insurance available. Please refer to the post and insist on a cancellation confirmation for your records.


In the past it was possible to end the health insurance with an emigration without observing the notice period, but this is now largely denied by the insurance companies.


In a migration within the EU, including Cyprus, there is this absolutely rules at European level - but these are often not known or rather imprecise, so that they in practice the change hinder rather than promote. Lack of knowledge among the participating insurance carriers and clerks therefore frequently to long processing times and significant problems.


Timely notice is clear-cut and prevents double contributions in the transition period. It should be mandatory, however, avoided to give rise to a period without legal insurance if the health insurance will be claimed also in Cyprus.


In the case of compulsory social insurance coverage will end with the statutory health insurance in Germany to coincide with the termination of employment. It should be noted that the end of occupation and the moment of emigration on do not always go together seamlessly. Even if only one or two days between termination of employment and the date are of emigration, must be given for this period insurance coverage. If this is not the case, this can lead to unnecessary contributions or delay the transition to the statutory insurance in Cyprus or completely thwart.


For uninterrupted transition to the statutory insurance in Cyprus, proof of previous insurance is (min. 3 years) in Germany required.


Such proof is provided on the single European form E104. This is completed by the statutory health insurance in Germany and the Social Insurance in Cyprus and exchange. Experience has shown that this process can, however, take several months. The legally existing possibility of uninterrupted compulsory health insurance is therefore difficult to use in practice. In addition, you do not count in most cases, the beneficiaries of the public health insurance in Cyprus if you are able, there to get a residence permit.


What should I watch for private health insurance when I emigrated to Cyprus?


With the emigration does not apply to the statutory compulsory insurance in Germany. If you are insured privately in Germany, you should be updated about the rules applicable to your contract notice and the insurer's liability in place of abode in Germany.

In general, the regular period of notice of an insurance or calendar year applies from 3 months to the end (depending on the insurance contract). You should also clarify how far your private health insurance as part of your contract, in place of abode in Germany, in the new home in may be eligible.


Immediate use of the statutory insurance in Cyprus is rarely given, even if you deposit directly into the social and otherwise meet all the criteria for the use of legal insurance.

Services takes over the statutory insurance in Cyprus usually only after three years of contributions.


Therefore, you should take out private health insurance in any case, you both in Cyprus as hedges in your home country.


You can choose from numerous insurance companies, as there are fewer requirements on the scope and organization of insurance. So you can rely on the international insurance market. You should be aware, however, that the international insurance market is not regulated uniformly and thus a very careful examination of the tenders is required.


We are happy to put you in touch with a specialist insurance broker who can offer you comprehensive advice.




Is there a waiting period for the statutory health insurance?


Yes. previously if no public health insurance has existed within the EU, the period of payment of contributions was less than 3 years or it was interrupted.


Prerequisites for admission to a public health insurance are:


At least 3 years premium payment (posts with other statutory health insurance within the EU are recognized upon request) and the annual income for single persons is below 15,400 € and 30,750 € in families below.


Please note: Every child increases the allowed annual income to 1,700 € or there are certain chronic diseases before, which must be attested and would prove. As income not only salaries, but all sources of income, such as dividends and capital gains apply.




The private health insurance for Cyprus


You should know that in Cyprus only a very limited group of persons insured under the statutory health insurance. Only if the legal requirements are met (see above), is issued at the request of a so-called medical card. This generally will only services of public health facilities, particularly hospitals, adopted.


The private health insurance is therefore highly recommended and at any time.


The amount of monthly social security remains the way unaffected by a change in the private health insurance. Even without recourse to the medical card of the cost share of compulsory health insurance within the social security remains the same.

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