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Cyprus has adapted its tax law to the most modern needs and, with the abolition of the 183-day rule, which is otherwise valid throughout Europe, it now opens its doors especially to entrepreneurs who want maximum local flexibility.

The legally regulated tax residence and all the benefits of the Non Dom status Cyprus already offers with an annual stay of only 60 days. It is irrelevant for Cyprus whether the resident spends that minimum number of days in one piece or intermittently in Cyprus.

Benefit from the benefits of current jurisdiction and optimize your taxes legally. Internationally generated interest and investment income, for example from stock trading, is not taxable in Cyprus. This rule applies to individuals with Cyprus Non Dom status. Legal entities in Cyprus may also enjoy tax benefits through the use of legal constellations.

One of the biggest advantages of non-domicile status in Cyprus is that the so-called remittance base taxation is completely waived. The tax law of Cyprus thus does not tax dividends of foreign origin. Earned capital can thus be freely transferred, held and disposed of internationally - tax-free!

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